Conscious Culture Cafe

 -Living Food for Living People -

110 Keawe st. Hilo, Hawaii 


Conscious Culture Cafe

 -Living Food for Living People -

110 Keawe st. Hilo, Hawaii 

Welcome to the Conscious Culture Cafe. We are so grateful you have chosen to visit us today. We are here to offer many delectable and nutritious creations, prepared with love and Aloha and crafted from the finest, freshest, local and organic ingredients. To your health!! Scroll down for events and our full menu or use the navigation in the top right corner. 

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Our signature living tonics 


Our signature living tonics 

Our Kombucha and Jun are handcrafted here in Hilo using only the highest quality organic ingredients. They are expertly flavored with organic local fruits and herbs


Super Ginger Turmeric Tonic:

Fresh Hawaiian ginger and turmeric. This brew is recommended for digestion, throat and respiratory ailments, and general immune support. Turmeric is highly anti inflammatory, can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Super Ginger Turmeric Tonic is, hands down, our most popular flavor.


Lilikoi Lush:

Lilikoi (passion fruit), fresh ginger, fresh tangerine. This brew is very high

in vitamin C and so tasty, it is an instant crowd pleaser.


Hibiscus Blossom Bliss:

Hibiscus, tangerine, raw Hawaiian honey, fresh mint. Very

refreshing! Hibiscus improves circulation, can lower blood pressure, improve vascular

health and promote mental clarity. Beautiful in color and delicious.


Mango Merry Mint:

Kona Mango and fresh mint. By causing alkalinity in the body

Kombucha can help to inhibit the growth of cancers. Mint lowers cholesterol. This brew

tastes great, just like a fresh mango!


Surinam Cherry Serenity:

Surinam Cherries (a tart cherry, originally from Okinawa),

fresh ginger. Surinam cherries contain the highest Vitamin C of any fruit on the planet

and are also high in anti-oxidants.


Jaboticaba Jubilee:

Jaboticaba (Brazilian Tree Grape), fresh ginger. (Our most

antioxidant packed brew, cancer fighting properties and digestive enzymes; unique to

areas of cultivation due to short shelf life of fruits.


Cozmic Coconut Chai:

Chai spices, coconut, raw Hawaiian Honey. Our only Brew

made with black tea, a little more pep than the others. Anti inflammatory, promotes

digestive health, delivers much needed medium-chain fatty acids, to help the body burn

fat and sustain energy levels.


Mamaki Mindfulness:

Hawaiian Mamaki Tea, lemongrass, Thai basil and fresh ginger.

This very medicinal brew is high in antioxidants and beta-carotene. Mamaki, a native

Hawaiian plant in the nettle family, can help to detoxify our lungs from vog, lower blood

pressure and cholesterol. It promotes healthy bones and teeth, increases metabolism and

promotes healthy brain cell function.


Elderberry Lavender Love:

Black elderberries and lavender flowers. Black elderberries

are one of the most powerful immune support compounds on the planet, recommended

for colds and flu. Lavender is great for relaxation and peace of mind.


Blue Green Dream:

Hawaiian Spirulina, fresh ginger, raw Hawaiian honey Very high in

protein and iron, suggested for women during moon-time, good for bones, and teeth,

high in antioxidants, increases metabolism, provides sustained energy boost, helps to

remove heavy metals (even radiation) from the body. Spirulina contains all of the

essential amino acids. The only other way for us to get them all in one food, is by eating

red meat. Highly recommended for vegetarians and vegans.


Soursop Sage Surrender:

Soursop juice and white sage. Soursops are highly medicinal. They’re loaded with vitamin b and c and according to some studies, soursops are believed to have anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.