Kombucha and Jun are delightfully refreshing, effervescent elixirs, which have been celebrated for thousands of years for their wondrous, healing properties. These raw, living, fermented teas possesses countless nutritional benefits. The lactic fermentation process produces and mobilizes billions of probiotic organisms, enzymes, organic acids, vitamins and minerals. These metabolites aid digestion, facilitate detoxification, and gradually help to raise body ph to a more properly balanced alkaline state.


Our ancestors relied on Kombucha, Jun and other living foods such as, yogurt, kefir, aged cheeses, sauerkraut, fermented fruits and veggies, and sourdough breads to restore and maintain health and vitality. Cherished recipes were handed down for generations. Unfortunately, today these ancient and sacred healing food traditions have all but faded away.


Sadly, today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) is void of raw, living, and fermented foods, and is loaded with pasteurized and chemically preserved food products. This way of living does not support proper enzyme production, digestive function, and is often lacking sufficient nutrients to sustain and energize our bodies and our lives.


Let Kombucha, Jun and other fermented foods be a part of your journey to the awakening of your cells, the revitalization of your spirit, and the realization of your being’s full potential.